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Day 1 Side Trip - El Golfo



The tiny seaside village of El Golfo is famous for the Charco de Los Clicos (green lagoon), the delicious fresh fish lunches enjoyed overlooking the sea and a location in the film Broken Embraces directed by Pedro Almodóvar and starring Penelope Cruz.

The volcano on the shoreline to the left of El Golfo has been eroded by the elements to reveal an incredible emerald green lagoon. The colour of the water is a stark contrast to the black sand and red, orange and yellow backdrop of the crater. This unique natural feature of Lanzarote is a photographer’s delight although incredibly hard to capture in one shot!The actual lagoon is roped off, this landscape is one of the protected areas of Lanzarote so you can’t touch the water – if you wanted to! The intense green colour of the Lago Verde is due to the concentration of Ruppia-Maritima algae present in the water.



The coast at El Golfo



L to R: Andrew, Joan, Sue, Helen, Anna and Andreas

L to R: Andrew, Joan, Sue, Helen, Anna and Mick (Photo: Andreas Weibel)


View over the village of El Golfo