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Day 2 - Saturday 27th August 2016

Coriscao Peak 2,235m

9km - 4 hrs - 500m climbing

Location of the walk

Map from Recommended Book in Spanish: "Picos de Europa" by Cordula Rabe

  Garmin Data    
  Distance 9.35 km  
  Time Elapsed 4 hrs 6 mins  
  Moving Time Not Available  
  Elevation Gain 529 m  
  Elevation Loss 529 m  
  Maximum Elevation 2,204 m  
  Minimum Elevation 1,690 m  



View of the bear statue from the start point, the car park at Collado de Llesba, near Puerto de San Glorio

The view of the walk with Coriscao in the distance

Quitameriendas Merendera (Merendera montana)

Quitameriendas Merendera (Merendera montana)

L to R: Jim, Lesley, Aileen, Robin and Mick

L to R: Jim, Lesley, Aileen, Robin and Mick

The first part of the walk is a gentle climb though low bushes

Looking back to the car park

The way ahead..... Coriscao is behind the third peak





The last push to Coriscao peak

Looking back from whence we came



Approaching the peak

A bit crowded at the top..... by Picos standards

L to R: Jim, Leasley, Robin, Aileen and Mike


Mick (photo-bombed by Robin)


(Photo: J Knight)

Spendid views of the Picos de Europa and the Cordillera Cantabrica

On the way down ... Mike, Lesley, Aileen and Jim


(Photo: J Knight)


Dropping back down to the car park. The statue of the bear is on the slope leading from the car park.

Some rested at the car park whilst others climbed up to Monumento al Osoto enjoy the view (Photo: J Knight)

Monumento al Oso

Looking back to the car park and the route to Coriscao from the bear statue, Monumento al Oso