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Day 5 - Tuesday 30th August 2016

Horcados Rojos

Distance Time Elevation in meters

Gain Loss Min Max
12.55 5H22   639 639 1,738 2,377




Location of the walk


Fuente Dé



The end of the road at Fuente Dé, with the Parador Hotel straight ahead



At the top of the cable car at 1,823 m (Photo: J Knight)

(Photo: J Knight)

Group photo at the top of the cable car, with Peña Remoña, 2,242 m,  in the background

Back Row L to R: Paul, Robin, Elizabeth, Liz, Bruce, Jane, Ian, Aileen, Sue, Lesley, Jim, and Mick
Front Row L to R: Emma (M), Osacar and Emma (S)

Peña Remoña, 2,242 m (Photo: J Knight)




Sue and the approach to the valley and the Aliva Refuge

The two parties spilt as we head for Horcados Rojos

The slighty brown colour of Horcados Rojos peak, top right


Looking back along the route we came

L to R: Beth, Emma (S), Aileen, Paul, Lesley, Jim and Oscar with Elizabeth sitting on the rock in the foreground

Beth, Emma (S), Aileen and Elizabeth

It was hot!!! Mick resorted to his Australian schoolkids hat to keep the sun of the back of his neck (Photo: J Knight)

(Photo: J Knight)

Lesley, Jim and Oscar

Another view along the trail we climbed



Refuge Cabana Veronica just visible at the top

Elizabeth and Oscar

Aileen and Paul on the way up to the Refuge

Refuge Cabaña Verónica at 2,325 m

Emma (S) and Aileen


(Photo: J Knight)


Inside Refuge Cabaña Verónica

The sleeping accommodation

Mick and Aileen

Emma S (Photo: J Knight)

The view through the refuge port hole



L to R:Oscar, Elizabeth, Aileen, Paul, Lesley and Mick (Photo: J Knight)

Great place for lunch


Emma (S) and Beth


Emma (S) chilling out

Jim and Lesley

Having left the refuge, we climbed up to Horcados Rojos col

Naranja de Bulnes viewed from the col


The climb up to Horcados Rojos peak, viewed from the col




Oscar, Beth and Emma (S)

Lesley, Jim and Mick

Heading back down. (Photo: J Knight)

The route back down to the cable car

(Photo: J Knight)




The view down to Parador Fuente Dé