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Day 7 - Thursday 1st September 2016

Somaniezo Stroll

12km - 4 hrs 45 mins - 250 m climbing


Location of the walk


Garmin Trace


  Garmin Data    
  Distance 11.85 km  
  Time Elapsed 4 hrs 44 mins  
  Moving Time Not Available  
  Elevation Gain 509 m  
  Elevation Loss 509 m  
  Maximum Elevation 934 m  
  Minimum Elevation 670 m  



Ready for off. L to R: Emma (S), Elizabeth, Paul, Sue, Ian, Aileen, Jane, Robin and Mike






L to R: Elizabeth, Emma (S), Mike, Robin, Jane and Sue



"Potro de herrar" or shoeing frame, the Spanish equivalent of the French "Metier a ferrer les boefs"


L to R: Paul, Sue, Emma (S), Elizabeth, Mike and Robin


Looking across the valley to Coriscao

Arriving at Cahecho



Pena Sagra apartments and terrace



A simple lunch.... what more could you ask for?


L to R: Mike, Sue and Emma (S)


L to R: Emma (S), Jane and Aileen

Heading back