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Day 4 - Peso da Régua

Tuesday 18th April 2017


  06-45 hrs Boat leaves Barca d'Alva  
  08-30 hrs Pocinho Lock 22m (87 feet)  
  11-00 hrs Valeira Lock 33m (109 feet)  
  14-05 hrs Bagaúste Lock 28m (91 feet)  
  15-00 hrs Boat arrives at Peso da Régua  
  15-20 hrs Walk to Douro Museum alongside quay  
  15-25 hrs Boat crosses to Lamego pier to refuel  
  17-00 hrs Boat returns to Peso da Régua quay  
  19-00 hrs Coaches leave for dinner at Quinta do Pacheca  


Boat making an early start

Douro Prince boat heading upstream


Approaching the low railway bridge. The water level seemed higher on the return trip; the Captain took the boat just under the bridge before realizing that there was not enough height available; this meant reversing out and dropping all the railings etc on the upper deck before trying again.


Entering Valeira Lock






Entering Bagaúste Lock; only enough room for sitting, not standing!


The Sandeman sign high on the hill above Peso da Régua

Moored at Peso da Régua


Miguel Torga

Visit to Quinta do Pacheca







And what a wonderful meal it was! The fillet mignon was to die for!