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Amara River Cruise
Day 5


Irrawaddy Steamer heading upstream; how do they stay afloat?



Approaching Mingun



Moored at Mingun



Running the gauntlet of souvenir sellers



Mingun. Although we climbed the pagoda, in view of its unstable state and the fact that they have eathquakes in Burma from time to time I did not feel comfortable at the top.







View from the top of Mingun Pagoda. The building with the red roof houses the Mingun bell.







The Mingun bell





Fruit seller





Mya Thein Dan Pagoda





The energetic climbed to the top.......



Whilst others enjoyed the view from the bottom!









Group photo before Sylvia and Hartmut left for Mandalay

Back row L to R: Barclay, Marlene, Sue, Anetta, Hartmut, Jean-Paul, and Jacques
Front Row L to R: Berndt, Mick, Ann-Michelle, Sylvia and Christine