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Descendants of John Glassby born 1778/83
C John Glassby (b.1778/83 d.? ) m. Ann Moss
  L C 1. Ann Glassby, b. 1804
  L C 2. John Glassby, b. 1806
  L C 3. Martha Glassby, b. 1810
  L C 4. Mary Glassby, b. 1814

John Glassby was born around 1778 – 1783 and married Ann Moss in Mexborough on 17th November 1803. They had four children.

C 1. Ann Glassby (b. 1804) m. Mr. Hicks
  L C 1.1 William Hicks
  L C 1.2 Arthur Hicks


Born in 1804, Ann Glassby was baptised in Mexborough on 15th August 1804. She married a Mr Hicks, and they had two children

C 2. John Glassby (b. 1806 d. 21 SEP 1881)

John Glassby was born in 1806 and was baptised at Mexborough on 16th October 1806. He does not appear to have married. He is shown in the 1881 Census as follows:-

1881 Census: Top Fold, Denaby, York
Name Rel Age Birthplace Occupation
John Glasby Head 75 Denaby, York Retired Farm Labourer

We are fortunate that his Last Will and Testament is available, and it helps to clarify his situation and that of his close relatives. The original handwritten document is shown below, followed by a transcription for ease of reading. It is interesting to note that he used Harrop & Harrop of Swinton, obviously the same "Harrop" that William J J Glassby wrote to as we saw earlier.



I John Glassby of Denaby in the County of York Gentleman hereby revoke all Wills and testamentary dispositions heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last Will. I bequeath to my nephews George Houghton (the son of my sister Mary Houghton) and Arthur Hicks (the son of my sister Ann Hicks) the sum of thirty pounds each. I devise my four freehold dwellinghouses situate on the easterly side of Hallgate in Mexborough in the said County of York the land belonging thereto the site whereof contains four hundred and seventy five superficial square yards or thereabouts To the uses following (that is to say) As to one of the said dwellinghouses (and which abuts on the southerly side of Cross Street) To the use of my said nephew George Houghton his heirs and assigns. As to another of the said dwellinghouses (and which adjoins the said dwellinghouse hereinbefore devised) To the use of my said nephew Arthur Hicks his heirs and assigns. And as to the other two dwellinghouses To the use of my nephew William Hicks (the son of my said sister Ann Hicks) his heirs and assigns. And I hereby declare that the said William Hicks shall be entitled to the possession of the title deeds and writings relating to the hereditaments hereinbefore respectively devised upon his entering into the usual covenant for production thereof with each of them the said George Houghton and Arthur Hicks their respective heirs and assigns but at the cost of the persons requiring the same I devise and bequeath all my real and personal estate (except what I otherwise dispose of by this my Will or any Codicil hereto) unto and to the use of James Bennett of Denaby aforesaid, Farmer, his heirs executors and administrators respectively Upon trust that he the said James Bennett , his heirs executors or administrators (as the case may be) shall in such manner and under such stipulations and upon such terms in all respects as he or they shall think fit sell collect or otherwise convert into money (according to the nature of the premises) all/such parts of the same premises as shall not consist of ready money and may but in or rescind any contract for sale or of any other description and resell without being answerable for loss and may for the purposes aforesaid execute and do all such assurances and things as he or they shall think fit And shall out of the moneys to arise from such sale collection and conversion and the money of which I shall be possessed at my death pay my funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and the legacies other than specific bequeathed by this my Will or any Codicil hereto And shall pay the residue of the said moneys to my said nephew William Hicks I devise all the freehold and copyhold hereditaments vested in me upon trust or mortgage unto the said James Bennett his heirs and assigns upon the trusts and subject to the equity of redemption subsisting therein respectively but the money secured on such mortgage shall be considered as part of my personal estate

Executor And I appoint the said James Bennett Executor of this my Will In witness whereof I the said John Glassby have to this my Will set my hand this twenty first day of February one thousand eight hundred and eighty one

Signed and acknowledged by the said John Glassby
the Testator (by his making his mark thereto he
having declared to us that the above Will had been read
over to him by Mr. Edwin Thomas Harrop of
Swinton Solicitor and that he had a perfect knowledge
Of its contents as his Will in the presence of us
Present at the same time who in his presence and in
The presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses

W Hennels Clerk with Messrs Harrop + Harrop of Swinton Solicitors
Robert Dodd of Swinton

Proved at Wakefield the 18th day of October 1881 by the oath of James Bennett the sole executor to whom administration was granted.

The Testator John Glassby was late of Denaby in the County of York
Gentleman and died on the 21st day of September 1881 at Denaby aforesaid

£108 6. 0. gross value

Messrs Harrop + Harrop
Solicitors Swinton
Nr Rotherham


C 3. Martha Glassby (b. 1810)

Martha Glassby was born in 1810 and was baptised in Mexborough on 11th August 1814.

C 4. Mary Glassby (b. 1814) m. Mr. Houghton
  L C 4.1 George Houghton

Mary Glassby was born in 1814 and was baptised in Mexborough on 11th August 1814. She married a Mr Houghton and they had one son,

C 4.1 George Houghton (b 1851) m. Hannah

C 4.1.1 John G Houghton, b. 1874, Slade Hooton

  L C 4.1.2 Charles E. Houghton, b. 1876, Slade Hooton
  L C 4.1.3 Thomas Houghton, b. 1878, Slade Hooton
  L C 4.1.4 George W Houghton, b. 1879, Slade Hooton.


George Houghton, born in 1851 in Braithwell, married Hannah and had four children.