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Lanlivery to Fowey - 24th March 2015


  Garmin GPS Data    
  Distance 9.49 miles  
  Time 4 hrs 5 mins  
  Moving Time 3 hrs 36 mins  
  Average Moving Pace 22:47 mins per mile  
  Elevation Gain 1,162 feet  
  Elevation Loss 1,626 feet  
  Maximum Elevation 498 feet  
  Minimum Elevation 10 feet  




Looking back towards Lanlivery

Leaving Lanlivery Church long the road signposted to Lostwithiel, the path takes off up steps to the left into a field at Pelyntor Cottage, where there is a monolithic standing stone.

Leaving the monolythic stone, the path emerges on to the B3269 where it turns sharply right to No Man's Land, where there is a tall wheel-headed cross called "Crewel"



The path continues up the busy A390 road for half a mile, where it passes in front of the entrance way of the Pelyn Estate. The path continues for another 500 yards or so along this trail, before veering off to the right through a farmyard.

From the highpoint of the path passing thorugh the farmyard you get your first glimpse of the River Fowey



The path passes along an old drover's trail, before coming out on to a small lane to Castle.


The Old Coach House


At Milltown, the path goes south under the main line railway bridge


You keep descending and get very close to the railway line itself. At this stage you imagine a gentle walk down to Fowey without any more climbing, but you are wrong!


St Winnow Church viewed across the estuary. At this point the path turns inland, away from
the estury, and is quite a steep climb.

Looking across to St Winnow from the higher elevation

You come back on to a small lane, and follow the road for quite a long way..... probably a mile or so.

The path eventually goes over a stile into a ploughed field, and from there heads to Golant

St. Sampson's Church, Golant


I missed the marker post and turned left into Fore Street past the Fisherman's Arms
pub and along the side of the River Fowey. I eventually came to a level crossing and
realised that there was no path beyond, so had to retrace my steps to the top of
Fore Street, and turn left up School Hill.

This photo was taken at a T-junction, with the road going down to the river and with the pub The Fisheman's Arms on the left. There is actually a way marker at this point telling you to go straight on, and not past the pub, but it was hidden behind a parked car. I actually went down to the river but had to retrace my steps.

The Fisherman's Arms


Back on the right track slightly higher up the hill and behind the houses

You eventually come to a point where the path divides and you are uncertain which one to take. The one straight ahead drops down into a ravine with a climb the other side. I was reluctant to take this way as I did not want to lose height and then have to gain it again. hence I turned right and climbed up the hill a bit, before dropping down into the ravine. In other words, both paths end up in the same place and you have to gain height again to climb out the other side to reach the road.

My route inland and dropping down to the ravine

Looking back down to the bottom of the ravine as I climbed out towards the road

On the road to Fowey, by Peventinue Manor Farm

Coming into Fowey

The ferry

The end point - St Finbar's Church, Fowey