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Coronavirus Lock Down - Howe Green Local Circuit

2.5km circuit

(25 minutes fast walk; 40 minutes leisurely walk)


Start, outside our house on the corner of Chalklands

Down to the United Reform Chapel, at the top of the Bridle way

Looking down the Bridle way

Start of the Bridle way

Past the last house on the right

Trees in blossom; new manure pile being created on the left by Kelly's Turkey Farm

Turn right, just before Sandon Hall Farm

At this point there are 3 options; left to the gravel pits, straight on to Butts Green or right to
Bluebell Wood and back to the East Hanningfield Road.

Turning right towards Bluebell Wood

Slightly right towards Bluebell Wood

Towards the stile leading into Bluebell Wood

There is a woodpecker nesting in the dead tree immediately to the left of the stile.



Bluebells flattened by badgers?


Leaving Bluebell Wood, keeping to the right


At this point the path splits; left goes to Mayes Lane and right goes down to the East Hanningfield Road,
exiting next to "Peterkin" and opposite Southlands Chase

Heading towards East Hanningfield Road



Coming out onto East Hanningfield Road, opposite Southlands Chase

East Hanningfield Road

Yours for £2.5 million. But why has it not sold for several years?

Returning to the start point at Chalklands