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Stage 42. Vetralla to Sutri

  “Leaving Vetralla, a most picturesque path in a dense forest leads to the church of Madonna di Loreto (Our Lady of Loreto). 
The path continues through an immense thicket of hazelnut bushes and majestic oak trees, passing the “Torri d’Orlando”, ruins of an ancient monastery, before reaching the charming village of Capranica and further on to Sutri, a little known jewel along the Francigena, with its amphitheatre carved in the tuff stone, the Mitreo and the picturesque old town”.

Distance Time Elevation in meters

Gain Loss Min Max
23.5     410 400    



Original map courtesy of "The Via Francigena Terre De Mezzo by Roberta Ferraris ISBM978-88-6189-491-4"

42.1   Via dei Cappuccini
42.2   Regina Pacis monastery
42.3   Percorso mtb-trekking del Monte Fogliano
42.4   Roundabout near modern block of flats
42.5   On to Via Cassia by the Casale delle Capannacce
42.6   Wide gravel road
42.7   Wide gravel road on the right
42.8   Gravel lane downhill to the left
42.9   Via Formelluzzo
42.10   Cross Viale Matteotti
41.11   Strada Poiere
42.12   Path to the right
42.13   Take dirt road downhill on the left into the woods
42.14   Emerge into a small clearing
42.15   Gravel road just before Sutri