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Lower Spargo Circular

6th July 2019


Distance Time Elevation in meters

Gain Loss Min Max
6.66 2H11 1H17 103 103 118 178





Starting point - Lower Spargo

Path goes alongside of Rosswithian Farm Holiday Lets




At the top of the hill, the path goes along a gravel road in the direction of Boundis Farm

The path turns to the left next to a horse training circle


The path turns left over a granite style

At this point the path goes across the field directly to Goodagrane. However, we did not like the look of the cattle, especially as they had calves, and decided to go straight on to Boundis Farm and then go along the road to Goodagrane

Approaching Goodagrane

Boundis Farm

On the road at the entrance to Boundis Farm

Path turns left off the road by BF Adventure


BF Adventure has a zip wire over this water filled quarry

Layout of BF Adventure site

We turned right into the BF Adventure site, partly to have a look and partly expecting to find a route to Trevone Farm. Asit turned out we did a circular route around the BF site, and had to retrace our footsteps to find the path to Trevone Farm

The Canoing Quarry



Platforms for "tombstoning"

100 yards beyond the entrance to BF Adventure we found the left turn towards Trevone Farm

Several small holdings where people enjoy an alternative lifestyle


Trevone Farm

Leaving Trevone Farm on the road to Mabe Burnthouse

Approaching St Laudas Church

View over the Argal Lake

St Laudas Church

The Spargo Family Grave.
Thomas Spargo died on 9th March 1853 aged 72;
His wife Jane died on 15th February 1859, also 72 years old;
Their daughter Elizabeth died on 18th December 1839 aged 22;
Son Nicholas died on 10th October 1844 aged 28

For those who enjoy a good yarn, Spargo's Confessions is recommended.


The Revd James Spargo bas a well kept secret to impart - his youthful involvement with the grat Cornish smuggling industry. Using the proceeds of his illegal activities to gain an education and become a parish priest, in doing so becoming involved with three winsome beauties, he defends his activities and explains his motives.

Securely based on the history of Lodenek (padstow) this novel brings us vividly back to life in early 19th century North Cornwall, continuing and expanding the tradition of Jamaica Inn and the Pldark series.