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Howe Green - Little Sir Hughes - Little Mascalls - Baddow Park - St Peter's
Way Footbridge - Southend Road - Howe Green

2nd April 2021


Distance Time Elevation in meters

Gain Loss Min Max
11.60 2H16 2H12 86 86 28 66





Leaving Howe Green along the old A130 Southend Road

Cross to the right hand side of the road at the pinch point

After 100 meters the path goes across the field towards the new A130 road

Straight across, aiming for the white marker pole

You can just see the white marker pole to the left of the two tracks

Turn left and head along the field parallel to the A130

Enter the second field and head towards the electricity pylons

The path swings to the right

Sandon Brook Underpass

Turn right the other side parallel with the A130

Parallel to the A130, then turn left

After turning left, head to wards Little Sir Hughes

Little Sir Hughes

The path goes through Little Sir Hughes front garden, but you can avoid this by going around this farm building

Heading away from Little Sir Hughes

Turn right after the house called "Woodside"

Great Little Sir Hughes Lane comes out onto West Hanningfield Road, where you turn left

Little Mascalls Farm



Continuing along the West Hanningfield Road you come to Baddow Hall Estate.
This is where you turn right if doing the Baddow Hall walk.

Continuing along the West Hanningfield Road you come to a house called "Tweenbends".... the name
referring to the fact that it is on a short stretch on road with a bend at either end. Shortly after this
you peel off to the left across the fields

Heading off across the fields in the general direction of East Hanningfield

A good path to the right of the fence line


Heading across the fields

the path just visible after ploughing

Heading towards Tanfield Tye

Cutting diagonally across the field towards "The Villa"




Path goes along the side of "The Villa"

The Villa

Heading away from "The Villa"






Helmons Farm


Helmons Farm

St Peter's way goes on a path between Helmons Farm and a house called "Streatley"








back into open agricultural fields heading towards Patten's Farm and the bridge over the A130




Curry Hill Footbridge over the A130



The A130


Left on the Southend Road 2.7 km back to Howe Green

Southend Road towards Howe Green



Oak House

New houses on the way into Howe Green

Howe Green