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Howe Green - Little Sir Hughes - Great Mascalls Farm - The Chase - Galleywood - West Hanningfield - East Hannigfield - Howe Green via Great Gibcracks Chase

10th June 2021


Distance Time Elevation in meters

Gain Loss Min Max
20.04 4H47 4H10 154 154 27 78





This walk is a variation of walks I have done earlier. This time I was interested to see the difference in distance from Howe Green to Great Mascalls Farm via (a) Gingerbread Hill and the A12 roundabouts and (b) going under the Sandon Brook culvert under the new A130 and via Little Sir Hughes. The second route is just about double the first. Gingerbread Hill and the A12 roundabouts is 1.75 km to Great Mascalss Farm; the route via the Sandon Brook Culvert is 3.51Km

The other objective with this walk was to find the correct routea fter Peveril Hall towards "The Villa", next to Tanfield Tye

Leaving Howe Green along the old A130

Across the fields towards the new A130

The crops somewhat higher than last time I came this way

Parallel to the A130 towards the Sandon Brook culvert

Under the A130

Parallel to the A130 on the far side, heading towards Little Sir Hughes

Towards Little Sir Hughes

The path actually goes through Little Sir Hughes's front garden, but I
prefer to detour around the building to the right

A short detour around this building

The other side of Little Sir Hughes


I usually turn left on the West Hanningfield Road, but this time I turned right to Great Mascalls Farm so I could pick up the Chelmsford Centenary Circle path

Great Mascalls Farm

The Chelmsford Centenary Circle gos to the left of this house opposite Great Mascalls Farm



The path switches to the right hand side of the hedge


Down towards the trees, where there are two footbridges leading into the next field



The path continues across the next field and comes out on Vicarage Road

Turning left along Vicarage Road you come to Brook Lane, where you turn right. The Chase then goes off to the left after 100 yards

This leads to the vinyards, where you turn right by the marker post


Over the footbridge and turn right

You can follow the path around these trees, but there is a snicket with a footbridge
on the right which is quicker


At this point the path goes to the right to Galleywood, but my route went to the left
towards the A12 and the footbridge

There are actually markers on the ground at this point

A good place for brief respite before crossing the footbridge

Crossing the footbridge over the A12


Coming out onto Bakers Lane

Turn left on Bakers Lane past Five Tree Works Business Park



The path goes down a snicket to the left of the fencing

Then over a stile into a field. The path continues parallel to the A12

The path skirts around the edge of the field until the point marked, where it goes off to the right towards the West Hanningfield Road


Approaching the West Hanningfield Road. Turn left here along the road
until you reach Peveril Hall

Peveril Hall

Sign to path along the perimeter of Peveril Hall

After a couple of hundred yards you come to a marker post (at an angle, having fallen over) where the path goes through the hedge into another field. The path then follows a line of telegraph poles to The Villa, next to Tanfield Tye

Following the telegraph poles



Tanfield Tye





Path to the right to the Four Wantz



Approaching Helmons Farm

Turning left onto St Peter's Way


Approaching the bridge over the A130

St Peter's Footbridge. After this I followed the usual route....... up to East Hanningfield
and back to Howe Green via Great Gibcracks Chase