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Howe Green - Hanningfield Reservoir Circular

7th February 2022


Distance Time Elevation in meters

Gain Loss Min Max
22.22 5H11 4H29 207 207 28 68





Leaving East Hanningfield Road onto the old A130

Down Gingerbread Hill



A12 roundabouts

Up to the stile on the A12 slip road


Looking back towards the stile

Great Mascalls Farm


Joining the Chelmsford Centenary Circle path




Across the fields to Vicarage Road

Down The Chase


Instead of turning right at this point, I continued up the road towards the winery



After passing the winery you come to a T-junction by All Seasons Farm House:
I turned left her towards Baddow Park


Coming out of the woods, I followed the tree line towards the A12



Bridge over the A12


Right along West Hanningfield Road

Fantastic mimosa bloom at "Between The Bends" house


Trail goes off to the left


Tanfield Tye in the distance

The Villa




Helmans Farm

St Peter's Way goes off to the left here, but I carried straight on down Helmans Lane

Helmans Lane

Turning right at the bottom of Helmans Lane, I carried on along the road to the Three Compasses pub


Turning right by the cottage, I was back on St Peter's Way

Turning left towards Seamans Lane

Turning right into Seamans Lane


Turning left off Seamans Lane towards Hanningfield Reservoir




Boggy through the woods as I made my way to the road


Finally on to the road, where I turned left towards Hanningfield Reservoir Nature Reserve



Reaching the reservoir

Entrance to Hanningfield Reservoir Nature Reserve



Mr Otter


The Hedgehogs

Mr Toad

Arriving at The Fishing Lodge

Heading to South Hanningfield



The Old Windmill

I turned down Middlemead towards West Hanningfield until I came to the footpath on the right leading to the 12th century South Hanningfield church.




Immediately behind the church is the beautiful thatched house "Bifrons"; whilst it looks as though this is the natural way to go, I wanted the path at the rear of the church which goes off in the direction of the Essex & Suffolk Water HQ.



Over the stile and top the right


Path goes straight across the field

Heading off towards the old A130

You eventually come to the access bridge over the A12 which leads to the Essex & Suffolk Water HQ. I crossed over the bridge and turned left towards Howe Green along the old A130.

The first bridge you can see carries the road to West Hanningfield over the A130; the second bridge is a footbridge to carry the St Peter's Way path over the road.

Past the Royal Tiger restaurant. Walking along the old A130 back to Howe Green is not too bad if you just step off the road at the sign of oncoming traffic.

Entering Howe Green