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Howe Green - Little Sir Hughes - Baddow Park - Chelmsford Centenary Trail
- Great Mascalls Farm - Howe Green

28th March 2021


Distance Time Elevation in meters

Little Sir Hughes
Gain Loss Min Max
9.40 2H03 1H53 56 56 27 56







Heading out of Howe Green along the old A130 Southend Road

Crossing to the right hand side of the road by the pinch points. The path across the fields is on the right
in about 100 meters. If you come to a green electricity unit you have gone too far!

The path across the fields is not sign posted. You are aiming for a white way marker post on the
opposite side of the field next to the A130

Across the field to the way marker

The way marker next to the A130

Walking parallel to the A130 for a couple of hundred meters before taking the underpass

The underpass. Turn right the other side

Walking parallel to the A130 on the other side

Way marker posts indicating the path towards Little Sir Hughes

The path goes through the garden of Little Sir Hughes via the 5-bar gate, but it is just as
easy to go to the right of the building

Little Sir Hughes

Heading up the path away from Little Sir Hughes. Turn right and then left

The road passes between Corner House and Woodside

Turn left where Great Sir Hughes Lane meets West Hanningfield Road

Little Mascalls Farm

The Lodge at Baddow Park Wedding Venue


Enter Baddow Park, following the road slightly to the right and over the A12 bridge

Over the A12

A12, looking towards Junction 17

On the far side of the bridge the path goes parallel to the A12 for 50 meters and then cuts diagonally across the grass.

Baddow Park Wedding Venue

Baddow Park

Direction of the path to the side of Baddow Park House

The path passes through a hedge and then along the side of the field

Along the edge of the field

The path turns to the right amongst trees


At this point you have a choice of going straight on, or turning right. I continued straight on along
the fence line of All Seasons Farmhouse



At the bottom of the hill you turn right, joining the Chelmsford Centenary trail

The path heads towards the vineyards

This road leads to The Chase and Brook Lane

The Chase, with a new house being built on Brook Lane

Turn left into Vicarage Lane and after 50 meters turn right across the fields


A small bridge links the second field to the first

Approaching the houses opposite Great Mascalls Farm

Great Mascalls Farm


The path goes between the farm buildings


The path to the left goes to Great Baddow; the path to the right goes to the A12 double roundabouts



Gap in the hedge leading into the second field

Head for the gate

Over the stile by the road sign and walk down the left hand side of the A12 off-ramp

Crossing the double roundabouts is quite easy if you follow the route outlined and wait for the
lights to change in your favour

Back into Howe Green up Gingerbread Hill