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Day 29 Vega de Valcarce to Triacastela
Wednesday 5th June 2013
33km - 9.5 hrs

Our plan for this day was to climb O Cebreiro and to stop at the top.The climb starts at 630 m above sea level at Vega de Valcarce and ends at O Cebreiro at 1,330 m. We set off at 6 a.m. and started the climb. Whilst it was steep in one or two places, a great deal of the climb was a gentle slope upwards, and we reached O Cebreiro at 10-30 a.m. It was too early to stop so we continued. Eventually we only had half a dozen kilometers to go to reach Triacastela, so we had a coffee break and a "sock change" and pushed on. We reached Triacastela after 9.5 hours. This was a great result, as we had done two stages in one day without pushing ourselves too much, and this would mean we would have an extra day in Santiago de Compostela.


Ready for O Cebreiro - a 6 a.m. start

3.7 km out - Las Herrias



Cafe at La Faba (900m) after 6.5 km, which we reached at 7-40 a.m.




Looking back from whence we came

Into Galicia....... wait for the weather change!!

The cross at O Cebriero


View westwards towards Santiago

Santa Maria la Real ("Royal St. Mary’s) is the oldest church directly associated with the Camino; parts of the church are from the year 846, actually pre-dating the Romanesque in form.










Leaving O Cebreiro at 9-30 a.m



Approaching Hospital de le Condensa

Mick and Jane



Local ladies passing the time of day



Drinks with the gang in Triacastela

Petra, Gary and Bart







Accommodation Notes

I stayed at Meson Vilasante, in the centre of Triacastela. It was basiclly a bar with rooms above, and was very comfortable. In case you had not noticed, I have switched to single rooms completely now!