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Thursday 19th October 2017


Candalaria was recommended by Tui Rep Lloyd, especially as it was a just up the TF1 17 km south-west of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which meant not too many bends for the underpowered VW Polo to navigate. The town is noted by Catholics in Spain and Latin America as a place of veneration  of the Virgin of Candelaria, the patron of the Canary Islands. The most prominent building is the Basilica of Candalaria, which includes the sculpture of the Virgin Mary  (Virgin of Candelaria) and mural paintings. Also highlighted in the square, statues of the nine aboriginal kings of Tenerife.



Looking down the beach towards the Basilica of Candalaria





Tegueste. The Guanches were ancient inhabitants of Tenerife, and the island
was divided into 9 principalities with the central part of the island
being communal for grazing of animals.