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Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), China - July 1999



With Nicholas visiting Shanghai on a summer holiday this was a good chance to re-vistit Yellow Mountain - this time by taking the more adventurous overnight sleeper train to Tunxi. The train departed Shanghai station platform 2 at 15:08 hrs. The sleeping accomodation consisted of open sections with 6 bunks, three on either side. I had the middle bunk on the right hand side and my only memory of it was that the person on the top bunk was eating ground nuts, and there was a constant shower of bits of the outer shell coming down like snow!

We alighted the train at Tunxi and had a car waiting to take us to the foot of Yellow Mountain for the cable car. We had a reservation for one night at the Yu Pinglou Hotel, fabulously situated amongst the peaks.

Whilst this was a fascinating experience, we were not sorry that we had decided to fly back to Shanghai!



Ready for off, Shanghai Station


Our luxurious sleeping accommodation on the overnight train


Transportation Tunxi style


At "Beginning to Believe Peak"


Mountain side path near the approach to Yu Pinglou Hotel

Greeting Pine

Mick by Greeting Pine



Early morning view from Yu Pinglou Hotel

Looking towards the right hand side of Tian Du from the Yu Pinglou Hotel

Descending from the Yu Pinglou Hotel area, approaching the foot of Tian Du peak

Looking back to the Yu Pinglou Hotel across the valley

The Yu Pinglou Hotel

On the way up Tian Du peak posing with ropes. Hope they are not necessary!


Approaching the Crucian Carp's Back ridge

The Crucian Carp's back

At Tian Du peak



Returning along the Crucian Carp's back

Queue building up at the foot of the Crucian Carp's back as we returned

Chinese monks

Back in Tunxi for shopping