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Kamikochi and Yarigatake - July 2002



After a short rest in Matsumoto we took the train to Shin Shimajima and then the bus into the Kamikochi valley. A lot had changed since I walked in Kamikochi in the 1980's. Then about 250,000 people per year visited the valley, but I was surprised to learn that the figure was more like 5 million in 2002!


Nick at Matsumoto Station

Kamikochi Valley


Yokoo "Base Camp"!

View up the valley towards Mt. Yari

Looking back down the valley towards Yarisawa Lodge

Yarigatake finally comes into view

Yari getting closer

Looking across the valley to Otensho

Yarigadake Lodge

"Morning Setto" breakfast at Yari Lodge

Typical! You pose for a photo an then somebody walks into view!

Yari viewed from the lodge as the sun goes down.

You can just make out the hordes of climbers.
It gets so busy that they have introduced an "Up" and a "Down" route

The ridge towards Kitahotaka

Watching the sun rise



View back down the valley

On the way down - Yarisawa Lodge

At Yokoo

Approaching Kappabashi


At Kappabashi