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Kamikochi - August 1986

This was my first visit to the beautiful Kamikochi Valley and I did it in style......my secreatary Ashihara san was able to reserve a room for me in the most prestigous hotel in the Japan Alps, The Imperial Hotel at Kamikochi.



The Kamikochi Valley lies at an altitude of 1,500 m and is only accessible through a narrow tunnel cut through the rocks. The Azuza River flows down the valley and feeds its lakes and ponds. Mt. Yakedake erupted in June 1915 and the the volcanic mud dammed the flow of Azusa River creating a pond called Taisho Ike (Taisho Pond). The Kamikochi Imperial Hotel was built in 1927 in the style of a log cabin, and all the materials for its construction were brought in by boat across Taisho Ike. High above the valley floor is a ridge of mountains at 2,900 to 3,100 meters high, such as Nishihodaka (2,908m), Okuhodaka (3,190m), Kitahodaka (3,094m) and Yarigatake (3,180m)



The Imperial Hotel









Nishio Sanso, a 3-hour climb from the valley floor



Pyramid Peak to the left and Doppyo to the right

Doppyo (Right) with Pyramid Peak in the background




View down the valley