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  Glassby Family History  


Nakabusa Onsen - Tsubakuro - Mt. Yari - Kamikochi - September 1987


Distant Mt. Fuji




Mick at Nakabusa Onsen ready for off

I made this trip with two friends from AIU Group in Japan, Ishikawa san and Shiota san. We took the early morning train from Tokyo and then a taxi to the start point for the walk, Nakabusa Onsen. From Nakabusa Onsen it is a three hour climb to Gasen Lodge and a further hour to Enzanso Lodge, with convenient stopping points along the route at First-bench, Second-bench and Fuji-viewing-bench.


Mick and Ishikawa san

Mick and Shiota san

Shiota san and Ishikawa san

Shiota san and Mick

Resting Place at Gasen Lodge

Views of distant mountains through the trees and above the cloudline

First glimpse of Yari

Enzanso Lodge

View of Tsubakuro from Enzanso Lodge

Glimpse of Mt Yari in the distance, with its distinctive peak from Enzanso

Mick at the Yari-ga-dake 3,180m and Tsubakuro 2,763m signpost


Looking south from Tsubakuro towards Enzanso Lodge

View North-West from Tsubakuro





Another distant view of Yari-ga-take




Sleeping accomodation at Enzanso Lodge

Otensho. The track to the left takes you up to Otensho Lodge

Otensho Lodge

Mick at Otensho Lodge

Looking back from Otensho to Enzanso and Tsubakuro

Traversing towards Otensho Hutte

Descending to Otensho Hutte on the Col


Getting closer to Yari-ga-dake

The impressive Yari-ga-dake, the fifth highest peak in Japan


Ishikawa san and Mick at Yari Lodge

Mt Fuji in the distance, viewed from Yari