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Day 3 - Chipude to Vallehermoso

Valle Gran Rey and Valle Los Loros

Monday 27th February 2017



KE Adventure Travel Trip Notes

The day begins with a traverse of two lovely valleys, or 'barrancos'. Along the way we pass the pottery-making village of El Cercado where we may be lucky enough to see the potters in action. Around late morning we reach one of the prettiest valleys on the island, the Valle Gran Rey, which runs down to the south west coast with its terraced fields and palm groves. We now turn towards the north and make a descent among palms, junipers, heather and laurel trees into the Valley of Los Loros and back into the cloud forest. We now climb over another ridge for a birds-eye view over a man-made lake before descending to Vallehermoso, a small town in the north of the island. We check into our hotel and have some free time to explore before dinner. The centre of the town is the Plaza de la Constitution.





  Garmin GPS Data    
  Distance 16.13 km  
  Elapsed Time 7 hrs 15 mins  
  Ascent 329 m  
  Descent 1,216 m  
  Maximum Elevation 1,106 m  
  Minimum Elevation 184 m  



Ready for Off. L to R: Mick, Hilarie, Geoff, Matt, Christine, Heather, Rob, Gareth Kathy, Louise, Sun and Warren

Enekoiz explaining the route ahead


Walking past some of the terraces

Looking back to Chipude

The huge flower stems of the agave

Approaching El Cercado

Enekoiz explaining the pottery process, which is done without a potters wheel


Maria Del Mar Sanyana Gonzales, one of three remaining potters in El Cercado

Smoothing the hand-roughed pot with a small pebble



Admiring the view of Valle Gran Rey

Valle Gran Rey


Approaching Casa Efigenia at La Hayas, and time for a coffee


  The majestic Canarian palm tree (Phoenix canariensis) can grow to heights of up to 30 m (100 ft) and is an endemic species and symbol of the Canary Islands. Its ability to adapt to different ground conditions means you will find it all over Tenerife, from the coast to altitudes of roughly 500 m (1,640 ft) above sea level, both in the wild and ornamentally. Its sap is used to produce palm honey, whilst its huge leaves are great for sweeping the streets.  



Doña Efigenia in what was the original shop, before the establishment grew into a restaurant.




Geoff and Kathy

Back into the National Park




















A sudden change of terrain

Time for lunch




A rest after the descent into the village

A village lady giving us her advice on the walk


Dropping down into Vallehermoso

A unique feature of Vallehermoso..... a town square which acts as a focal point for village life.
Rock El Cano at 650m in the background

Aparthotel Triannii which was to be our home for two nights

The inner courtyard

Stylised sculpture opposite the hotel

Depiction of a man carrying bananas