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Day 5 - Haria to Orzola



  Garmin Data    
  Distance 12.86 km  
  Time Elapsed 3 hrs 45 mins  
  Moving Time 2 hrs 36 mins  
  Average Moving Pace 4.95 km/hr  
  Elevation Gain 171 m  
  Elevation Loss 444 m  
  Maximum Elevation 373 m  
  Minimum Elevation 7 m  



Ready to leave Haria (Photo: Andreas Weibel)





Leaving Haria, the Valley of a Thousand Palms (Photo: Andreas Weibel)







(Photo: Andreas Weibel)

Heading towards Montaña Corona 611m



A short section along the IZ203, with approx 5 km to go to Orzola

Time for a short break

(Photo: Andreas Weibel)


(Photo: Andreas Weibel)

(Photo: Andrew)

Orzola in the distance

A farm cultivating aloe vera


Nearing the end


Time for lunch

The ever expressive Susannah


(Photo: Andrew)


Dinner at Doña Lola (Photo: Andrew)