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Lake Ogwen - Tryfan - Bwlch Tryfan - Glyder Fach - Castle of the Winds -
Glyder Fawr - Devil's Kitchen - Lake Idwal - Lake Ogwen

Saturday 10th August 2013


Distance Time Elevation in meters

Gain Loss Min Max
11.57 7H50 3H34 1,053 1,053 307 1,000






For our first walk we had intended to do the Snowdon Horseshoe, but when we arrived at the car park at Pen-y-Pass at 8-30 a.m. it was full, and every conceivable space to park within 2 miles was already taken! At 8-30 in the morning!! It is possible to use the park-and-ride in Llanberis, but we were somewhat put off by the state of affairs and decided to do Tryfan and the Glyders instead. What a difference. The area around Lake Ogwen was virtually deserted and there was no problem parking at all. We parked in the off-road car park at the foot of the north face of Tryfan, and started our walk diagonally to the "stile over the wall"..... well known to anyone that has climbed Tryfan


Mick ready for the off - the obligatory pre-walk photo


Climbing away from Lake Ogwen at around 1,000 feet elevation

The "stile over the wall"

There must be a route up here somewhere! (Photo: Torben)

It soon starts to get steeper!

Looking back down to Lake Ogwen

The way ahead, but don't be fooled as this is not the top you can see!

Cannon Rock

Torben edging up Cannon Rock. I wanted him to do a handstand at the end but he wasn't too keen!

Did I go on the rock? No, I just take the photos!


Looking back over the route we have come

The way ahead

Looking across to Y Garn with Lake Idwal in the centre and Lake Bochlwyd partially showing on the left.

The next bit gets a bit tricky, as you go up a funnel on the left hand side and cross over
on a delicately balanced slab of rock

The delicately balanced rock footbridge.

The view down as Mick ascends; Torben watches from down below

Mick about to tip-toe over the rock bridge (Photo: Torben)


The view down to Llyn Bochlwyd, or "Australia Lake" as it is commonly called

Looking back on our route from the top of the funnel

Adam and Eve, the two large rocks at the top

Torben at the top

The top of Tryfan, 915 m

The jump from Adam to Eve


The view from Tryfan across to Bristley Ridge, a tricky climb, although
the scree field to the left is accessible.

Looking down the valley from Tryfan

Looking back at Tryfan on the way down to Bwlch Tryfan

Looking ahead to Bristley Ridge and the scree field

The alternative route we took, by contouring to the left and joining the Glyder Fach ridge

Looking back at Tryfan as we traversed to the Glyder Fach ridge

Looking up the Glyder Fach ridge to the top of Bristley Ridge

Another view across to Tryfan

The top of Bristley Ridge and the scree field

Looking down the valley

Y Garn in the distance (centre of photo)

The top of Bristley Ridge

Glyder Fach 994 meters

Glyder Fach from the north-east

Glyder Fach from the south-west

The Cantilever Stone


The Castle of the Winds or Castell y Gwynt with Snowdon in the background

The Castle of the Winds

Mick resting near the Castle of the Winds, with Glyder Fach in the background

The view towards Glyder Fawr from Castle of the Winds

Llyn y Cwn, at the foot of the descent from Glyder Fawr

Y Garn ahead; we took the Devil's Kitchen route to the right down
to Lake Idwal. Llyn y Cwn is just visible on the left edge of this photo

The route down, to the left of Lake Idwal