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The Essex Way - The Practical


The Essex Way is a long distance path stretching from Epping to Harwich, a distance of 81 miles. The route was conceived as the result of a competition by the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE) in 1972



There are many ways of splitting the route down to manageable stages, depending on how far you are prepared to walk each day. The table below shows the component stages, and the one below that is the way that I spilt the route up.


Distance (West to East) Distance from previous point in Km Cumulative Distance
in Km
Epping 0 0
Toot Hill (The Green Man Pub) 7.56 7.56
Chipping Ongar High Street 4.67 12.23
Cannon's Green 4.67 16.90
Willingale: The Churches 3.06 19.96
Good Easter: The Star Inn 7.24 27.20
Pleshey: The Castle 7.24 34.44
Great Waltham: Main Road 3.54 37.98
Fuller Street: The Compasses Inn 2.90 46.35
Terling: The Ford 3.22 49.57
Fairstead: The Church 2.09 51.66
White Notley: Station Road 4.18 55.84
Cressing: The Church 2.58 58.42
Coggeshall: The Abbey 8.21 66.63
Great Tey: The Church 6.76 73.39
Ford Street: The Shoulder of Mutton Inn 4.99 78.38
West Berhholt: New Church Road 4.83 83.20
Great Horksley: The Half Butt Inn 3.06 86.26
Boxted: The Church 6.60 92.86
Dedham: The Church 8.37 101.23
Manningtree: Quay Street 7.56 108.79
Mistley: The Swan Fountain 1.29 110.08
Bradfield: The Strangers Home Inn 3.70 113.78
Wrabness: The Church 3.54 117.32
Ramsey: The Castle Inn 5.15 122.47
Little Oakley: B1414 1.61 124.08
Harwich: The High Lighthouse 6.92 131.0

My schedule

  Stage Km Hrs
1. Epping to Willingale 19.96 (22.57*) 5H30
2. Willingale to Great Waltham 18.02 (21.3*) 4H47
3. Great Waltham to Cressing Temple 20.44 (20.80*) 4H45
4. Cressing Temple to W. Bergholt 27.36 (31.87*) 7H09
5. W. Bergholt to Manningtree 25.59 (27.86*) 6H15
6. Manningtree to Harwich 22.21 (24.89*) 5H25

First figure is posted distance; second figure with asterisk is my actual distance including deviations)


Stage 1. Took two cars from Chelmsford. Dropped one off at The Churches in
Willingale. Sue then dropped me off at Epping Underground Station

Stage 2. Sue dropped me off at Willingale; I took the bus back to Chelmsford
from Great Waltham

Stage 3. Sue dropped me off at Great Waltham and picked me up at Cressing Temple

Stage 4. Sue dropped me off at White Notley and picked me up at West Bergholt

Stage 5. Sue dropped me of at West Berholt and I took buses from Manningtree
to Colchester and from Colchester to Chelmsford

Stage 6. I drove to Manningtree and parked at Manningtree Station. I took the train
from Harwich Town to Manningtree, 17 minutes and cost of £4.90