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Hanningfield Reservoir 16.75 Km Route

3rd October 2017


Distance Time Elevation in meters

Gain Loss Min Max
16.75 3H37 3H21 113 113 31 97






This walk is a variation on the route of the Hanningfield Reservoir 19.6 km route. At the end of Mill Lane where the road meets the Downham Road there are two alternatives. First up, is to turn right and go as far as the Nags Head pub, then crossing a style to take the route via fields joining Park Lane in Ramsden Heath. If, however, there has been a lot of rain and the fields are muddy, an alternative is to turn left and go a few hundred yards along Downham Road to where Park Lane joins it. Turning right here takes you along a pavement, past houses, until you come to the same point as the field route in Ramsden Heath.


Turning right off Downham Road along Park Lane to Ramsden Heath


The next variation to the 19.6 km route comes when you reach De Beauvoir Lodge and De Beauvoir House. To the left of De Beauvoir House is a five-bar gate with a stile tucked away to the left. This is the start of the route to Downham Village.


De Beauvoir Lodge

De Beauvoir House


The five-bar gate to the right of De Beauvoir Lodge and the left of De Beauvoir House

The stile tucked in to the left of the five-bar gate

You soon come to outbuildings; the path is to the left and through the five-bar gate just visible in the background

The route rises along a concrete path towards the trees

At the end of the concrete path, the route goes through a gate and turns left

There is not much of a path at first and you begin to wonder if you have come the right way!

The path crosses an open field, skirting the hedge to the right, until turning left towards the house

Turn left when you reach the bench

The path comes out on School Road opposite a large house "High Meadows"

Turn left, along the pavement

As you approach the pub, there is a path on the right hand side




The path passes to the left of a fence made of green metal roofing sheets before reaching Hawkswood Road. From here it follows the same route as described in "Hanningfield Reservoir 19.6 km route"