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Howe Green - Galleywood - West Hanningfield - East Hanningfield Circular

14th February 2022


Distance Time Elevation in meters

Gain Loss Min Max
18.85 4H50 3H59 166 166 28 81




Leaving East Hanningfield Road onto the old A130

Right towards the A12


Down Gingerbread Hill

A12 roundabouts


Up to the stile on the A12 slip road


Looking back towards the stile

Field leading to Great Mascalls Farm

Great Mascalls Farm

Joining the Chelmsford Centenary Circle path




Across the fields to Vicarage Road

Down The Chase


Right at this point towards Galleywood








Bridge over the A12


Across the field to Bakers Lane

Coming on to Bakers Lane. Usually I turn left here, but for this route I turned right

After 50 meters or so I came to the entrance of Berkeleyparks "Temple Grove Park"
mobile home site on the left

Entrance to the mobile home site

At this point I did not expect anything exceptional. There appeared to be a path right through the caravan park exiting to the east of Temple Farm and going down to Ship Road. What I did not know was that the entire Temple Farm area had been purchased by the Jehovah Witnesses and that they had created an 85-acre site with a "Kingdom Hall" and 5 residence blocks...... the whole site secured with wire fences. There was no indication of this at all on the old OS maps, although it is shown on the online version. The start of the path can be found in the right-hand corner of the large car park, and it follows the new fence line of the Jehovah Witness's HQ.

Part of the JW 85-acre site. In the top left corner you can just see the mobile home site.
The path skirts the JW site along the tree line.

At the top of the first section of road in the mobile home park is a large car park, and tucked away in the corner is a gap in the fence leading to the path that goes around the JW site. In this photo you can just see one of the JW buildings, along with the new fence.

The fence on the right belongs to the JW site

At least the footpath is signed


After a short while the path does a 90 degree turn to the right, still following the JW fence line

The path goes straight ahead her; this appears to be a back entrance to the JW site


At the time I did the walk I did not know this was the JW HQ; it has the appearance of a university campus!

Continuing along the JW fence line


At this point I turned right and followed the fence line, but in hindsight I think I should
have gone straight across the field towards the buildings and the right hand side of
the conifer hedge, which is a marked footpath.

In a short while I came to a marker post; one path continued along the fence line, but I realized that I needed the path across the ploughed field to get to Ship Road

I followed the tractor wheel tracks




Emerging from the field on to Ship Lane, next to a rather dilapidated house called "Westholme".
Here I turned left towards West Hanningfield

Hall Lane goes off to the left, and shortly after this you come to Clovile Hall on the left.
Soon I passed Kents Farm Lane on the right.

On entering West Hanningfield I reached Wantz Corner. Here I could have continued to walk along the main road, but I noticed a path to the right leading to Slough House Farm so I took that to avoid traffic.

This path emerges on Lower Stock Road immediately opposite Slough House Farm

Slough House Farm

Turning left in front to Slough House Farm towards the Three Compasses pub. From there I continued along Church Road into the centre of West Hanningfield and had lunch next to the Bus Shelter.

Turn left hereby the Pynnings Farm Lane sign for the Three Compases pub



From this point I chose to follow St Peter's Way back to East Hanningfield.

St Peter's Way actually goes by the left hand fence of St Peter's School (in front of the red car)..... but I chose to walk a bit further and turn left up Helmons Lane instead.


St Peter's Way goes off to the right at the top of Helmons Lane, just in front to Helmons Farm
















The path comes out on to Back Lane, East Hanningfield. Normally I would take the path on the right that leads to the sports field (by the puddle on the right), but this part of the path is notoriously boggy. So, instead, I turned left and went down Back Lane. The road veers off to the right and then to the left; on the left hand bend there is a path that cuts across the field and comes out on to the East hanningfield Road, near "Warsop Cricket" entrance.

Footpath on the left hand bend that cuts across to the East Hanningfield Road

Path emerges onto the East Hanningfield Road. Here I turned towards East hanningfield and took the path on the left.




Turn left at this point







At this point there are two option to return to Howe Green. This time I took the route along Gibcracks Chase to the East Hanningfield Road. From here this route is 2.06km. The alternative is to turn right where thos footpath sign is. This takes you across three fields and comes out on Sporhams Lane near the ford. Turning left there you continue along Sporhams Lane, take a snicket behind Butts Greem Nuirsery and continue along a path which eventually come out on the bridleway in Howe Green. This route is 4.23 km and is shown below.


Down Gibcracks Chase

Entering Howe Green on the East Hanningfield Road.


Alternative Route Along Sporhams Lane and the Bridleway.

4.23 Km instead of 2.06km


Over the stile and across two fields

Field 1

Field 2... the next stile is in the middle of the hedge at the bottom

After this stile, turn left for 15 meters and then right, following the hedge line

The path goes on to Sporhams Lane just to the left of the white house

Sporhams Lane

Snicket behind Butts Green Nursery



The snicket

Across the road towards Rainbow Fuschias

Through the small wood

Alongside the field leading to the bridleway

Turn left on to the bridleway

Approaching the Chapel at Howe Green