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Howe Green - Chelmsford Centenary Circle - Galleywood - West Hanningfield - St Peter's Way - East Hanningfield - Saffron Trail - Howe Green

7th May 2021


Distance Time Elevation in meters

Gain Loss Min Max
20.66 5H08 4H30 158 158 28 78



Stats adjusted to deduct deviation - Total 21.84 Km



Leaving Howe Green down Gingerbread Hill towards the A12

A12 Roundabout

Although crossing the double roundabouts looks daunting, if you follow the black dots and
wait until the traffic lights are in your favour you can cross quite easily and safely.

Leaving the slip way of the A12 over the stile towards Great Mascalls Farm

Approaching Great Mascalls Farm


Walking between the cow sheds to the West Hanningfield Road; the path is slightly to the left across the West Hanningfield Road

As we leave Great Mascalls Farm and the West Hanningfield Road, we pick up the first sign
of the Chelmsford Centenary Circle


The path goes over a small footbridge to the right hand side of the hedge

The path goes through a small wooded area over a footbridge into the next field. Crossing this field you arrive at Vicarage Lane. Here you turn left and right and tenter a road called "The Chase"

Crossing the second field towards Vicarage Lane


Enter the vineyards and a little further on swing right between the vines. After this it is more or less straight until you reach the Galleywood turn that leads to Ponds Lane

Bear right at this point towards Galleywood

Over a small footbridge and keep bearing right

They were laying this hedge last time I came; it is already beginning to look good.

The Chelmsford Centenary Circle goes off to Ponds Lane in Galleywood at this point; we went to the left towards the bridge over the A12 and onto Bakers Lane

Approaching the A12 bridge

Crossing the A12

On reaching Bakers Lane we turned left, past the MOT Garage, until we came to a
snicket at the end of the road. The path continues through open fields, parallel to the A12,
until we turned right on a path leading to West Hanningfield Road

Past a large steel drum before reaching the West Hanningfield Road. Here we turned left towards Peveril Hall

Peveril Hall. At the boundary of the Peveril Hall property there is a footpath leading to Tanfield Tye

Footpath along the boundary of Peveril Hall

Looking at the OS Map, the path along the side of Peveril Hall to Tanfield Tye is almost straight; just a bit of a kink in it. In practice, however, at the end of the first field there was no obvious way to carry on straight, and we deviated to the left.

We expected to follow the route shown by the blue dots. By deviating 90 degrees to the left and then
90 degrees to the right we joined the route I had previously taken, shown in red. Next time
we do this route we will check out the blue dotted route further.


Heading towards Tanfield Tye

Last time I did this walk the field had been ploughed and I followed the direct line of the public right of way. This time the field was under crops so we followed a line comprising a telegraph pole and a tree, which was an established path, to avoid damage to the crops. This led to a path alongside a property called "The Villa"

Path goes along the side of "The Villa"

The Villa

Heading away from "The Villa"

Last time the crop was just beginning to come up........

This time the crops were much bigger, and the farmer had sprayed weed killer along the path so that it was clearly delineated.

A path going off to the right through beautiful countryside




Helmons Farm


Helmons Farm

St Peter's way goes on a path between Helmons Farm and a house called "Streatley"








Back into open agricultural fields heading towards Patten's Farm and the bridge over the A130



Footbridge over the A130



The A130


Crossing the old A130, the Southend Road, St Peter's Way continues a few meters to the left

Slightly uphill towards Hill Farm

There is a lack of signage as you approach the trees; keep to the left of the small lake

You eventually come out on Back Lane, near East Hanningfield. The path continues just beyond the speed derestriction sign on the right.

The path after Back Lane leading to the sports field in East Hanningfield

East Hanningfield sports field

The village shop

All Saints Church, East Hanningfield

Vita Bella restaurant

Heading down the East Hanningfield Road towards Howe Green, take the path
that goes off to the right at Sumptners Farm

Sumptners Farm

The path goes between Sumptners Farm house and the garage next door

Turn left here


This section is part of The Saffron Trail



Barns along Great Gibcracks Chase

Detour around the barns

Reaching Oak Stable at the end of Great Gibcracks Chase. The quickest way back to Howe Green from here is to go along Great Gibcracks Chase to the East Hanningfield Road, and then walk along the East Hanningfield Road to Howe Green. This option is shown in the panel below. We decided to continue along the Saffron Trail as far as SporhamsLlane, and to head back into Howe Green from there.


Direct Route


Great Gibcracks Chase

Junction with East Hanningfield Road

Entering Howe Green





Taking the Saffron Trail path by the side of Oak Stable

Crossing the fields to the corner of Thorn Wood. At the corner of Thorn Wood the path goes about 20 meters to the left where there is a marker post. It then goes along the right hand side of the hedge towards Sporhams Lane. We convinced ourselves that the path went on the left hand side of the hedge and did a little detour towards a beautiful thatched cottage. There was now access to Sporhams Lane here, so we were forced to retrace our footsteps.


No access to Sporhams Lane close to this Thatched house

Walking along Sporhams Lane you eventually come to Butts Green Road and turn left.



The public footpath goes off to the right along the side of the white house. The sign has been taken away and you are met with the imposing Kellythorpe Gates which scream "Keep Out!". However there is a snicket on the right that leads to a footpath back to East Hanningfield Road opposite Southlands Chase.

The snicket...... photo from an earlier walk


Turning left towards East Hanningfield Road

Coming out opposite Southlands Chase

Howe Green