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Day 13 Monday 28th April 2014

Belorado to Agés

27.5 km - 6.5 hours


Leaving Belorado





Villafranca Montes de Oca

Iglesia Románica de Santiago el Mayor

  Romanesque church of Santiago el Mayor, temple dating from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and retains most of its original features.  




Monte de la Pedraja

At the top of the mountains lies a monument called “Monte de la Pedraja” dating back to 1936. It is a tribute to the 300 victims who were assassinated nearby for their political beliefs during the first few months of the Spanish Civil War. The killings were orchestrated by the brutal dictator Francisco Franco.




St Juan de Ortega


Approaching Agés



Agés is a small village nestled on a hillock at the southern end of the Montes de Oca woods. Breathtaking views across the Vena river valley and the northern slopes of the Sierra de Atapuerca hills eventually give way to the city of Burgos. The village is at the heart of a rich history and culture. Lying on the ancient Way of St. James pilgrim route and within striking distance of the prehistoric excavations in the Sierra de Atapuerca, Agés is also a close neighbor to the Cathedral of Burgos. All three have been declared World Heritage sites. Ages is a typical small Castilian village strongly influenced by more than a thousand years of history, which has left traces in the organisation of the housing, livestock and farming areas. The 16th century Gothic-style church stands out as the architectural focal point of the village. The houses, with their sheds and yards, are built on wooden frameworks filled with plaster and stones. In addition, some public amenities remain including the bread making oven, the forge and the pond used for laundering clothes.

There are four albergues in Agés
- The Municipal albergue (36 beds)
- El Pajar albergue (Private, 32 beds)
- San Rafael albergue (Private, 34 beds)
- Caracol albergue (Private, 7 beds)

offering better choice than the singular albergue at St Juan de Ortega.









Accommodation Notes





My single bed.... a rare offering in an albergue

Glenn, Jane and Dianne wanted a private room for the night rather than an albergue and continued on to Atapuerca where they stayed at Albergue "El Peregrino" in La Casa Peregrino section..