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Day 4 Langogne to Le Cheylard l'Évêque


Distance Time Elevation in meters

Gain Loss Min Max
17.6 4H29 3H50 416 214 910 1,241





Leaving Langogne by the Old Bridge (Rue Vieux-Pont)


Stevenson Square




Statue à Sagne-Rousse à Saint-Flour-de-Mercoire


An unusual vending machine .......... for bread

Approaching L'Herm

The mist and rain coming in


Tree Creeper bird.... you can just see it to the right of the green moss on the tree



Encouraging ...... only 3.9 km to Cheylard L'Eveque

Further encouragement..... a sign for Le Refuge du Mourne, my accommodation for the night.
Being a "refuge" I wondered what to expect, but I need not have been worried!

An old house at Fouzilhac. Could this have been the place that Stevenson approached for help and got none?



Dropping down to Cheylard L'Eveque


Accommodation Notes

Le Refuge du Moure,
48300 Cheylard L'Eveque
Tel 04 66 69 03 21



Le Refuge du Moure

The entrance.... with provision for boots and wet jackets. The hotel provided "Crocs" for indoor use


A colourful bathroom

The dining room

Vol-au-Vent starter

Cassoulet for main course